Photo Diary: Sunny Saturday in Kinshasa

Happy weekend, lovelies! I’m trying something a little different today- a photo series, of sorts. Oooh. Yesterday we visited an artist working in a disused textile factory in Kinshasa. He is creating very thoughtful pieces of art on themes such as democracy, liberty and environmental degradation. His workshop is so atmospheric- this place has hardly … More Photo Diary: Sunny Saturday in Kinshasa

Who run the world?

Hello, it’s me… Sorry about the absence, my blogger pals. I hope you didn’t think that I had abandoned you. Malaria, work and a lack of WiFi have kept me away from my little blog baby. But those aren’t the only reasons I haven’t written…   There’s something you should know about me… I suffer … More Who run the world?

the F word

(cover image source: tumblr) That’s right, we’re one post in, and this is what it’s come to already: the f word. You know the one… *whispers*… Feminism. (image source: tumblr) This, somewhat mysteriously, seems to be quite a controversial, hush-hush subject (although thanks to many fabulous women doing fabulous work, such Laura Bates, Lena Dunham, … More the F word